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StillPoint is not about one man, one teacher, or one teaching. It is in all respects the effort of a group consciousness: the consciousness of the great mystics, the saints and sages of all the world's traditions, as well as the consciousness of the StillPoint Directors and Staff. The Directors and Staff are dedicated to providing, as part of their personal spiritual path, the purest environment and purest experience of your own inner Divinity.

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Grace Abbene
Prayer Requests

Alyssa Grasso

Kevin Cole
Staging/Everything Else

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Connie Greer

Wendy Hill

Joy Jacobs

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Elaine McNulty

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Judy Taché

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Anne Pelletier

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Jerry Thomas
Retreat Director

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Erin Williams
Web Master/Technology

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Sandy Thomas

StillPoint Staff

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Suzanne DiMack

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Barbara May

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Sandra Grobman

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Mark McDermott

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Suzanne Spencer

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Sophie Spencer