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God and Adam
“Nothing short of the direct experience of God
will ever satisfy our needs for
wholeness, fulfillment and completion.”

The Mystical Path is the soul’s journey from separation back to union.  On this homeward journey we are seeking our own innermost essence, the pearl of great price that lies hidden within the heart.

Our main focus is “Mystical Spirituality” which, simply stated, is the experience of the Divine within. Our practical goal is to live to our fullest potential by being “whole and balanced,” living the full value of relative creation as well as the full value of the Infinite Being from which all life springs. 

The analogy we like to use is that of the individual as a “wave” on the Ocean, living in creation with a unique individuality.  Then, through the understanding and consciousness-raising techniques of Mystical Spirituality, we introduce that “wave” to its Source, the Ocean Itself.  This allows the “wave” to live a life of not only power, intelligence and creativity, but also a life of love, peace, wisdom, and joy that is the nature
of the Source, the Ocean, the Divine Within.